Ain’t No Party – Youtube video

So I wanted to get this out before the primary debates began and my previous material/examples became weak sauce.

“Ain’t No Party” ties together material from several of my stand up bits last year addressing electoral politics. Please watch all sections before settling on the degree to which you think I‘m an asshole.

After which, please get involved. While there are various organizations working on the issue of getting money out of politics (like and, the strategy that I have been most impressed by comes from Wolf-Pac ( In any case, please take the time to find which organization/strategy you feel comfortable with and figure out your own contribution.

Although I would prefer you watch the entire work all at one time, I understand this is a long-ass piece. So if you would like to skip to (or share) a particular section, here’s a list of each section’s URL:


Part One: Brad Pitt vs. Larry the Cable Guy

Part Two: Tone down that end zone dance, man.

Part Three: All In

Part Four: Ah yes, the talking points.

Part Five: The Real Apology Tour

Part Six: They’re going to eat your face.

Part Seven: What does it mean to win?