Yes, I’ve written a few books.

And yes, I’m including them on the site. But let’s be straight. This is some old shit – definitely not the stuff I would write today. In fact, I’ve removed Monologues from the list altogether for the reasons expressed here. The rest of the works are not without their own shortcomings, but if you’re curious to see a progression of my earlier writing style/themes the following are at least worth checking out.

Evil – An American Novel

Synopsis: A bad joke turns into a chapter of media history when two know-it-all twenty-nothings get the clever idea to launch the world’s first televangelism network for evil. From cable access to national television, this circus of controversy highlights the irony and hypocrisy absorbed into sensationalist media, consumer culture, and the religion industry.

If I had the time, I would probably rewrite Evil as a screenplay. I finished it when I was 22, and I have to say – it’s still some pretty damn good satire. (now buy that shit)

.answer   and this will be over.

“what would you become if you lost all the things that made you human”

I wrote this before discovering Kafka (and later on was like, “Oh, so that’s what real absurdist writing is supposed to look like”). And while it may not be Kafka, I still feel like there’s an audience for answer. So if you like experimental poetry and dark subject matter or if you’re young and wrestling with big philosophical questions, you’ll dig the bizarre world answer puts you in. (now buy that shit)

What You Are Reading I Am Screaming – A Panic in the Absence of Question

“With unprecedented challenges facing us today, our world is in need of radical change. There are thousands of books offering achievable solutions. This one addresses why so few people are reading them. From individuals to institutions, we must expose all those who prey upon the apathetic. Moreover, we must examine how we too contribute to this absence of question.”

This book is pretty much a collage of the questions I had to open myself up to asking in order to gain a more radical understanding of how society works. I think I wrote it for a younger version of myself, in hopes that it might help readers avoid wasting as much time as I did not asking (or not having yet found the reason to ask) such questions. (now buy that shit)