The Douche Generation

Featuring the music of Anitek, The Douche Generation is a compilation of ten routines from my first 6 months attempting stand-up comedy.
Currently on iTunes, Spotify, or Bandcamp (a better deal, and I’ll still make more than with iTunes).

Ain’t No Party

My first experiment with Youtube videos. Ain’t No Party ties together material from several of my stand up bits last year addressing electoral politics.

Unsafe Words – A Satirical Youtube Series

Unsafe Words - Because comedy is a good bullshit x-ray and establishment thinking is good comedy.
(watch videos here)

Shahgundunned (made in ‘muricka)

An experiment in satire and predatory capitalism. Every time they don’t recognize the satire, I get paid.  It’s basically a lose-win.
(looking to launch in the winter)