Fuck ‘em

Fuck ‘em (ccMixter Allstars remix)
Melody and Lyrics: Lonnie Ray Atkinson
Vocals: Lonnie Ray Atkinson
Background Vocals: ccMixter artist snowflake
Instrumental Track: ccMixter artists Alex and Admiral Bob

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This is a song about the translation/consequences of free market rhetoric. Please pay attention to the intro narration. The rhymes are meant to be political/economic satire. Sorry about the language.

Intro narration:
This song is meant to serve as a decoder ring for all that bootstrap bullshit they keep trying to sell us.

Whenever you hear some well-paid commentator telling folks that the answer to all their problems is just to work harder, what they’re really saying is I don’t care about your circumstances, your circumstances don’t matter to me, you don’t matter to me.

Whenever you hear some rich asshole from a think tank go on and on about the virtues of the free market while ignoring those ill-affected by any semblance of a free market, what they’re really saying is, “As long as I ain’t gotta see ‘em, as long as I ain’t gotta be ‘em, FUCK ‘EM!

And I’m sorry if that sounds crass, but that’s about as accurate a translation as I can give. And this song is about that unfortunate translation.

So the next time you turn on your radio or your television or go on the internet and you hear some fool say “let the market sort it out”
(well then) you’ll know what it is they’re really saying

verse 1:
- they can’t find good jobs, fuck ‘em
losing the ones they got, fuck ‘em
- they can’t afford healthcare, fuck ‘em
frankly I don’t care, fuck ‘em
- they don’t have good schools, fuck ‘em
I don’t make the rules, fuck ‘em
- they can’t feed their kids, fuck ‘em
must be something they did, fuck ‘em

- victims of circumstance, fuck ‘em
never stood a chance, fuck ‘em
- if they don’t write my check, fuck ‘em
compassion, what the heck, fuck ‘em
- don’t try and blame me
i give lots to charity
- I said, boy, i sleep just fine
out of sight out of mind, fuck ‘em

they don’t look like me, you know what you know what
they don’t talk like me, you know what you know what
my philosophy
as long as they ain’t me, fuck ‘em
they don’t dress like me, you know what you know what
they ain’t blessed like me, you know what you now what
so it don’t get blurred
sum it up in two words, fuck ‘em

narration: ahh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about
let me rock this second verse, a little something like the first

verse 2:
- whole country’s down on its luck, fuck ‘em
as long as the market’s up, fuck ‘em
- jealous of my share, fuck ‘em
sometimes life isn’t fair, so fuck ‘em
- just listen to them whine
hey work a little harder next time
- no bootstraps to pull up – you know the saying
when the going gets tough, fuck ‘em


narration: hot damn, it feels so good to be able to say it out loud,
this time i want you to say it with me, altogether now

- the projects, fuck ‘em / trailer parks, fuck ‘em / appalachia, fuck ‘em / rust belt, fuck ‘em
- working poor / minorities / immigrants / prisoners
- homeless / abuse victims / addicts / mentally ill
- children / old people / disabled / sick and dying
- oppressed / repressed / indigenous / dissidents /
- third world / conflict zones / refugees / they’re nobodies
- human rights / earth rights / worries for the future / fuck fuck fuck ‘em

bridge 2:
so throw your hands in the air
and wave ‘em if you – just don’t care
come on, you know the deal
i’m just keeping it real
and by real, i mean if it don’t affect me then it ain’t real
and remember, all you dope men and women
when life gives you lemons, fuck ‘em


(This is the same version as above, just with the “you know what”s included in the chorus.)

Fuck ‘em (Jeris remix)
Melody and Lyrics: Lonnie Ray Atkinson
Vocals: Lonnie Ray Atkinson
Instrumental Track: sampled from ccMixter artist Jeris (http://ccmixter.org/files/VJ_Memes/31445)

“Fuck ‘em” by Lonnie Ray Atkinson is licensed under a Creative Commons License