Generic Drugs

Melody and Lyrics: Lonnie Ray Atkinson
Lead Vocals: Lonnie Ray Atkinson
All Instruments and Production: Loney John Hutchins
Background Vocals: Loney John Hutchins

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i’m gonna die, i’m gonna die, i’m gonna die, i’m gonna die – because i can’t get generic drugs
i wonder why, i wonder why, i wonder why, i wonder why the world works like it does

verse one:
saving my life is a money game
and none of the accountants will ever know my name
yet they all know what we need to survive
but the bottom line isn’t about keeping us alive


verse two:
can you believe there’s people in the world
who work to make medicine less affordable
they call it the intellectual property dance
between lobbyists and leaders, i don’t stand a chance


verse three:
how many died from the deals that you made
one after another in the name of free trade
i’m sure it hurts to pass laws that kill
but third world children don’t pay the campaign bills


and it’s a dirty job, selling survival, but if somebody’s gotta do it, you know somebody’ll be down
they say that health is wealth, and maybe that’s true, but in my shoes, you’d think it’s the other way around


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