Give me some sugar!

So I get that everyone is trying to figure out how to navigate fair compensation for creative work in the digital age. And rather than relying solely on the online busking model, I’m looking for Sugar Fans (yep, came up with that a couple years ago – all by myself – pretty proud of it). Or if Sugar Fan sounds too sleazy, you could think of yourself as a Mini-factor (you know, like benefactor, but smaller – also clever, right?).

That’s where Patreon comes in. If you dig the ongoing work I’m doing and would like to ensure that I’ll be able to keep on doing it, you can sign up to throw a buck in my digital hat. Or as I like to call it, “dollar at ya boy” (I’m so sorry, I really can’t help myself).

The more people do this, the easier it is for me to put out more (and better technical quality) work. So check out the Patreon pages for my different endeavors, contribute to every artist’s dream of three square meals a day, and help support an alternative economic model in the process.


Patreon: Podcast

Podcast revolving around current writing project
(looking to launch in summer)

Patreon: Temporary Scriptures

Spoken Word project 
(looking to launch in spring)

Just this once.

Or if you’re like, “Fuck that, I’m not signing up for shit – but this dude is too awesome for me not to give him my money,” you’re welcome to make a one time donation (or as I like to consider it – your first of many) for however much you would like through Paypal (other options to come). And remember, just like voting, the key to giving is “early and often.”