Traffic’s got to stop

Traffic’s got to stop (twobit rEMIX)
Melody and Lyrics: Lonnie Ray Atkinson
Vocals: Lonnie Ray Atkinson
Instrumental Track: twobit

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verse 1:
- traffic’s got to stop
no going – about your daily business
no business – as usual
no business is more important / more important
- traffic’s got to stop
the wheels of – your commute
are the wheels of – this machine
and unless we stall them / they’ll just keep going
- traffic’s got to stop

step out into the street / and make them see you / make them listen / traffic’s got to stop
step out into the street / make them understand / make them comprehend / make them choose choose choose
until they choose choose choose

verse 2:
- traffic’s got to stop
no permission / no feel good demonstrations
we have a constitution
we won’t take these cookie cutter crumbs
- no, traffic’s got to stop
no walking the straight line that they give us,
the slow lane that they built us
we won’t obey these street signs
- traffic’s got to stop


verse 3:
- traffic’s got to stop
no waving to the cars passing by
with nobody asking why
our demands ain’t some float in a parade
- no, traffic’s got to stop
no announcing the routes that we’re taking
no leash for the police
the city better be ready to listen
- ’cause traffics gonna stop

make them choose / make them choose / make them choose / until they choose
- traffic’s got to stop


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“Traffic’s got to stop” by Lonnie Ray Atkinson is licensed under a Creative Commons License